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Project Pinnacle

Project Pinnacle is the project name for the formal development of the "Next Generation" WIQ Platform. It will include a thorough requirements process with ongoing feedback with our current users/partners, an assessment of the overall collaborative tool market, a focus development team using leading edge development tools and processes and a marketing/brand communications strategy to go from "flying under the radar" to become the industry leading group based collaboration platform. Project Pinnacle is a joint project in collaboration between Ynsyte CEO Patricia Caporaso and Advanced Strategy Center founder Douglas Griffen: 

  • ​PHASE 1 of Project Pinnacle will be a comprehensive REQUIREMENTS PROCESS with discussions, input and assessments with WIQ's key current organization users, its key facilitators, marketing partners and various industry thought leaders. .​
  • PHASE 2 of Project Pinnacle will be the PLATFORM ARCHITECTURE, CODING AND DEVELOPMENT that will include a new development team based in Arizona that will build the platform with involvement and design expertise from the current support team that is based in Argentina. .
  • PHASE 3 of Project Pinnacle will be ACTIVE BETA/FUNCTIONAL TESTING of the platform with our current user base to ensure that it meets the functional and performance requirements of our largest and most demanding users. This is a cooperative and collaborative project that will be user driven and match the need of our organizations. 
  • PHASE 4 of Project Pinnacle is the FORMAL PRODUCT RE-BRANDING AND GLOBAL ANNOUNCEMENT. We think this is an entirely different level of product and impact to the market and we will scale up the branding, marketing, technical support and education/training. 
  • PHASE 5 of Project Pinnacle is the ONGOING ENANCEMENTS AND SUPPORT of the new platform with focus on adding incremental functionality and creating a strong user community for input on requirements, sharing of best practices and development of thought leadership.

Check back periodically for updates on this project.

UPDATE 3/31/15: The phase 1 requirements process in now complete, and we thank our nearly 40 client organizations and thought leaders that provided their input on the key requirements enhancements for the WIQ Pinnacle Platform. 16 candidate requirements have been prioritized with an initial set to form the base release. Our team is now interviewing software development companies to determine which team and approach we will use for the platform coding and development phase. 

UPDATE 5/11/15:  The Arizona Commerce Authority has announced the our WIQ Pinnacle project has been selected one of 25 semi-finalists for the Spring 2015 Arizona Innovation Challenge.  138 companies/projects applied and now WIQ Pinnacle will compete for 1 of the 10 finalist positions and an opportunity to then present a final business case to the Commerce Authority to be 1 of 6 winners in the competition.  Each winner receives an award of up to $250,000 for development funding.  See Arizona Innovation Challenge Semi-Finalists for further information and the press release.

The Advanced Strategy Center announces a new collaboration with Ynsyte/WIQ to develop: 

Project Pinnacle: The Next Generation of WIQ Software

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