The Advanced Strategy Center is a strategic business partner with the team at WIQ software. Our center uses the platform to facilitate a wide range of strategic planning, employee input, product ideation, and brand development sessions.  In addition to the use of WIQ for our Advanced Strategy Lab sessions, our center also provides product training, facilitation skills transfer, and consultation services to other organizations on the WIQ platform. These organizations customize WIQ to reflect their own brand personality: 

WIQ is singularly focused on your team finding the answers to resolve their biggest challenges. WIQ’s proprietary, Socratic-based technology employs one of the world’s newest innovations:divergent thinking. Corporations, NGOs, governments, educational institutions and research organizations all deploy WIQ to:

  • Brainstorm at new levels, encouraging & listening to everyone’s ideas (shattering the barriers that prevent contributions from all)
  • Reveal new knowledge about customer choices, preferences and decisions
  • Solve the toughest strategic planning challenges
  • Fix broken meetings by delivering more ideas, better decisions and aligned results
  • Get answers that have historically been hiding


WIQ software tools

WIQ SOFTware capability

The best way to understand the WIQ Platform is to experience the platform. Our center can schedule a custom introduction session for your organization at no cost. The introduction generally lasts 45-60 minutes and is conducted with a combination of a voice conference call and a set of WIQ interactive questions on the web. 

Advanced Tools & Techniques for Organizational Change