Advanced Tools & Techniques for Organizational Change


Our Focus: One Client at  a time

Strategic Focus for Strategic Change: Welcome to the Advanced Strategy Center (ASC) at Pinnacle Peak! Our Center is located in the high Sonoran Desert in Scottsdale, Arizona near the base of the landmark Pinnacle Peak mountain. The Center is an innovative off-site meeting and strategic planning facility that offers traditional meeting space and support, and adds advanced electronic brainstorming to create an exceptional level of focus on strategic issues and strategic change for your organization. Our professionals have pioneered the use of advanced facilitation tools and techniques and conducted literally thousands of outbound sessions on strategic planning and input issues with major corporations across the United States. We have taken that experience and established a state of the art center with a relaxed southwest feel ideal for off-site planning work, yet within 30 minutes from the Phoenix airport and downtown area. The Center is ideal both for Arizona based companies, as well as national groups who desire to hold an offsite meeting or event here in the southwest.

Welcome to the Advanced Strategy Center at Pinnacle Peak

we have worked with everyone from  scottsdale TO Sydney. 

Douglas S. Griffen is the director of strategy/facilitation at the Center and is widely regarded as one of the top group facilitators in the country. He has personally facilitated over 1,000 laptop based sessions at the center and other locations using the center's mobile lab technology. Griffen notes: "Strategy Matters. This is a time when every organization, business or government, is rethinking their strategy, their market/community position, and their strategic messages and relationships. Our center and our process can accelerate that activity and build buy-in on the plans and actions."  

Experience Matters

Unlike traditional hotel meeting facilities or focus group facilities, our center is designed to support one client at a time. The Center is ideal for a group of 10-25 professionals who need to create strategic focus around strategic issues. In addition to conducting sessions at the center in Scottsdale, we can take our mobile lab anywhere in the country, or the world, for in person sessions. Rounding out our delivery is Advanced Strategy Lab Online for virtual sessions. 

  • Corporate/organizational strategic planning sessions;
  • Product and market development sessions;
  • Leadership development for high performance teams;
  • Focus group sessions for formal feedback and input;
  • Development of communications and positioning strategy;
  • Employee feedback sessions and training rollouts;
  • Traditional meetings for organizational/project updates.