Advanced Tools & Techniques for Organizational Change


​​​​​The Advanced Strategy Center is a strategic business partner with the team at Converge LLC. Our center uses the platform to facilitate a wide range of strategic planning, employee input, product ideation, and brand development sessions.  In addition to the use of Converge for our Advanced Strategy Lab sessions, our center also provides product training, facilitation skills transfer, and consultation services to other organizations on the Converge platform. These organizations customize Converge to reflect their own brand personality. 

Imagine 50 people speaking at once and being heard

Converge is a real-time collaboration tool that can be embedded into your consultancy process for high impact stakeholder engagement at key points in your methodology. It’s a modern platform designed for performance and security, but with an easy user interface whether your participants are executive team members from your client or consumers providing market feedback on a product or brand idea. It’s been developed by a team that has over 25 years of experience in facilitating consulting sessions AND working with a wide range of consultancies like yours. Quite simply, it’s the next level in collaboration and we are pleased to introduce you to Converge.

What Differentiates Converge

Connect vs. Engage. What 2020/2021 have taught us all is that simply connecting to stakeholders is not enough. Converge is a completely different approach—it is designed for simultaneous and anonymous response to critical questions around strategy, brand, culture, values, organizational purpose and market messages. It allows you to really engage participants to draw out critical experiences and insights that will be essential in your consulting. Most sessions are 25-75 participants, a mix of open qualitative questions and quantitative assessments, conducted in 60-90 minutes and guided by a facilitator.

The best way to understand the Converge platform is to experience the platform. Our center can schedule a custom introduction session for your organization at no cost. The introduction generally lasts 45-60 minutes and is conducted with a combination of a voice conference call and a set of Converge interactive questions on the web. For further information on converge, please visit their website at or email the team at