Advanced Tools & Techniques for Organizational Change


Carl Lundblad (Advanced Strategy)

Dean Newlund (Mission Facilitators)

The ALFS series allows our center to maintain an important currency on leadership topics. We suspect that over the nearly 10 years of sessions we probably have a book or two we can write, but that will have to wait until we wrap a few of our current engagements. To be added to our invitation list simply send an email to our ALFS creator and project director Carl Lundblad at

ARizona leadership forum series (ALFS)

Douglas Griffen (Advanced Strategy)

The Arizona Leadership Forum Series (ALFS) is a project of the Advanced Strategy Center and Mission Facilitators International. Each ALFS session is conducted at the Advanced Strategy Center and brings together a group of 15-20 Arizona thought leaders to provide prospective and expertise on a selected leadership topic. 

The ALFS series was begun with a pilot session in September of 2005 and completed its Twenty-Ninth edition in December of 2014. Project director Carl Lundblad describes the ALFS sessions as "A unique but informal gathering of leaders who take a few quiet hours away from their normal business operations to create focus and dialogue on a leadership topic that matters to them and is a reflection of leadership dialogue that is occurring throughout the country." ALFS sessions take place on Friday mornings in selected quarters and are co-facilitated by Douglas Griffen, Founder of the Advanced Strategy and Dean Newlund, CEO of Mission Facilitators International. 

The sessions are a combination of the use of our Advanced Strategy Lab interactive platform and open dialogue on experiences and insights of the leaders in attendance. Our ALFS sessions have included such topics as: 

  • Emerging Leadership Attributes
  • Leadership Without the Title
  • Leadership in a World of Speed
  • Leadership in a Sea of Uncertainty 
  • Leadership and the Search for Authenticity
  • Truth or Consequences
  • Rewind, Pause, and Reset
  • ​Issues of Innovation