Part of the Community

The Advanced Strategy Center, in addition to it’s client support is also engaged in a wide-range of community support projects and organizations. These include: Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Commerce Authority, Arizona Technology Council, and the Desert Discovery Center:

  • SCOTTSDALE AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: The Advanced Strategy Center is a long standing member of the Scottsdale Chamber and its founder Douglas Griffen is a member of the chamber Board of Directors. The Center is recipient of the Sterling Award for business innovation. 
  • ARIZONA COMMERCE AUTHORITY: The Arizona Commerce Authority is the leading economic organization in Arizona, with a mission to grow and strengthen Arizona's economy. Our Center is pleased to be a partner with ACA on a number of important initiatives including the Aerospace and Defense workforce initiative, the IT Sector workforce initiative and the advanced manufacturing corridor. The center is also a participant in the 2022 Virtual Accelerator program for the development of the Converge Platform.  
    • ​ARIZONA TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL:  The Arizona Technology Council is the driving force behind making Arizona the fastest growing technology hub in the nation. It is Arizona's premiere trade association for science and technology companies. The Advanced Strategy Center is a long-standing member of the council and a participant in the annual CEO Conference held in Sedona each August. 

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