Advanced Tools & Techniques for Organizational Change


  • 2018 Pima Community College Centers of Excellence: ASL Conference style was used to facilitate the launch of six Centers of Excellence with participants from the community, industry and the college itself. The Centers included information technology, health professions, Pima Arts, hospitality, applied technology and public safety. 
  • 2015 East Valley Mayors' Prayer Breakfast: 425 Participants seated at 43 tables with laptop per table. ASL Brainstorming on how the communities in the East Valley (Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, and Apache Junction) can work together to activate the work of their non-profits on important social issues. 
  • 2013 Arizona Leadership Forum: 750 Arizona Leaders from non-profit sector, private sector, and education/government providing input on strategies that would make Arizona Great By Choice. ASL Facilitation by Douglas Griffen and content facilitation by Jim Collins. Configuration was 1 laptop per each of 75 tables. 
  • 2011 IPSOS Global Leadership Conference: 60 global leaders from the IPSOS Consultancy providing input on market and customer engagement strategy. 20 laptops with three leaders per laptop to create dialogue in the small groups and strategic insights at the overall conference level. Session conducted in Marrakech, Morocco using the ASL Mobile Lab. 

Examples of conference style sessions

Advanced Strategy Lab conference style is a unique implementation of ASL that allows us to increase the number of participants in a session. Instead of one participant per laptop, ASL conference style uses one laptop per multiple participants. 

​A typical configuration could be one laptop per two participants that enables the pair to collaborate on key topics. Another configuration would be one laptop per three participants to create "triads". In this case, we could have 25 laptops supporting 75 participants.

Finally, in larger conference settings, we can place a laptop per table and assign a "table advocate" to be at the laptop representing the views of the table. A table could have five to ten participants. In this case, we can support large settings of 250 to 500 participants.

The powerful concept in an ASL conference style session is that we are creating dual collaboration. The first level of collaboration is at the table where the group is discussing key themes. The second level is among the tables where all tables are connected and are sharing responses. 

Conference style